Kana and the Red Pilot

Kana and the Red Pilot

Kana and the Red Pilot is the story of a city kid, Kana MacDonald who has to stay for a while with his cousin, Davis in the country. Sounds boring? Yeah, that’s what Kana thought before the alien crash landed, the weather started happening backwards and he was put on dead chicken duty.

Out now, as both a print and an ebook, the Red Pilot is the first of two Kana books. It is a laugh-out-loud romp through the world of kids who know how to take every kind of mayhem in stride.

Kana and the Red Pilot by G.C. McRae, MacDonald Warne Media, 2014
Print edition: 236 pages, 8.5×5.25″, ISBN:  978-0987684547
E-book edition: 236 pages, ISBN: 978-0987684554

Here’s a link to Kana on Amazon.com.

Mads Hindhede