He/She is in Production!

The book is finished, the cover art is done and He/She is now being formatted for publication by the always wonderful Dianna Little.

Huge thanks to Mr. Bunbury on this one. Every time I catch a glimpse of his text, I burst out laughing. Marg Gilks has done a fabulous edit, and the extraordinary Achraf Amiri has provided a deliciously perfect cover.

He/She will be ready in all her glory in September.

Here’s the text from the back cover – to give you a taste of what you can look forward to.

While lounging in her pool, He/She the Elegant suddenly finds herself assaulted by a vicious smell, wafting over the walls of her bungalow chateau. Unable to bear the rancid reek contaminating her afternoon, she bundles up her two snide pekepoos and ventures out into the city on a mission to find the source of the smell. What follows is an epic quest – in a bustier, heels and a bombshell bouffant – where our girl bravely faces the deadly sins of Wrath, Lust, Gluttony and worst of all, Broken Nails.